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"I wonder how they could yell Barabbas instead of Jesus.
I wonder how they sang Hosanna and days later, Crucify him.
I wonder how Pontius could wash his hands of it, as though a dirty conscience could be so easily cleaned.

But — I am Barabbas, sinner set free.
I yell Crucify him as I sing praises with ease.
I am Pontius, who turned a blind eye to glory.
And yet, so Christ still died for me.
Still he died, where I should be,
a perfect love on that tree."

-J.S. (via jspark3000)
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"We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free."

-Kavita Ramdas (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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i have flaws too, i tell him
i have flaws and you will find them
in the quiet
soft like dark
blue tender bruises
for your fingers to find
so when you find them
just have grace okay?
just be kind

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i missed that moment of sky right after sunset
and now outside the window it is rich, thick, heavy blue
almost inside-of-my-eyelids dark.

today he texted twenty times, i think.
we had a conversation
consisting of sporadic updates:
what we’d eaten, seen and
i think we even…

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if i do not know what to say on the telephone
i’m sorry
i’ve never really had the chance to talk
this long
i thought i’d been built to be seen and listen
smile slightly
showing barely any teeth at all

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I wanted all of you or so I thought
I try try to defrost my frozen heart
why do we lock up the hearts that we want to see flying?
hands are for holding, and not for tying.

To much air will take your breath away
To much sun will burn out the day
To much food will make you round
Too much water you’ll drown

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"We must never confuse the positive things that America does with the kingdom of God, for the kingdom of God is not centered on being morally, politically, or socially positive relative to other versions of the kingdom of the world. Rather, the kingdom of God is centered on being beautiful, as defined by Jesus Christ dying on a cross for those who crucified him. To promote law, order, and justice is good, and we certainly should do all we can to support this. But to love enemies, forgive transgressors, bless persecutors, serve sinners, accept social rejects, abolish racist walls, share resources with the poor, bear the burden of neighbors, suffer with the oppressed — all the while making no claims to promote oneself — this is beautiful; this is Christ-like. Only this, therefore, is distinct kingdom-of-God activity."

-Greg Boyd, The Myth of a Christian Nation, pg. 103 (via hislivingpoetry)

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"I should have told you this is it. This is my mouth. This is the cavern of all my lies, the birth of my promises, a corpse of rust. This is my first leap - the miles between my cheekbones, the time you’ve spent with your eyes closed - did you imagine my mouth was a spider web blooming? Did you imagine my tongue was a typewriter you could learn to play?"

-Carrie Rudzinski, A History of Mouths (via unfoldingthemyth)
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Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

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"Forgive me for picking back up what I’ve already laid at Your feet."

-(via abeautifulpoke)

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